– Reviewed by: blaze464 – Rated 10 out of 10 – Overall this was probably the best haunted house I have ever been through! I went last year and this year was way better!! I especially liked the two spinning tunnel rooms and the fog light that led up to another room!! it made it feel like i was entering the twighlt zone! they definately put some time, thought and effort into it!! i will probably go again this year and definitely recommened to ALL my friends!!! Thank you to all the actors for putting on an amazing and fantastic show…!!!!!!!

– Reviewed by: Jan498 – Rated 10 out of 10 – If you truly want a great time and the scare of your life, you must experience Basement of the Dead. I have been through a couple of times, that is how much I love this place. The scenes are scary and the actors with their scary and ghoulish costumes really are the best. The special effects make you keep wondering what you will see and feel around every dark corner. From getting your tickets to walking out the exit door, there is nothing disappointing about Basement of the Dead. A must see!

– Reviewed by: KKraynak – Rated 10 out of 10 – To me, this haunted house is by far the best around for location and price. Other than some other haunted houses, this one is REALLY dark inside which I really feel adds to the intensity of the scares. Not only are the characters there great, but the rooms and hallways are also excellent. There were a variety of “obstacles” to go through in the house that also added to the scare- such as the inflatable walls to walk through and the body parts hanging from the ceilings. You could really tell how passionate the characters were about their roles. I attend this haunted house each year and each year it seems to get better! Although we didn’t have to wait in line when we were there, it would have been worth every minute of us waiting if we had waited in line.

– Reviewed by: babyripken – Rated 10 out of 10 – So far, this is one of the scariest houses I have been to this year. Throughout the house, it is very twisting and turning getting to the rooms, and once you get to the rooms, the actors were very convincing and popped out throughout the room. Also the whole house is very dark, and the loud music disorients you to the point that you get very confused going through the maze-like aspect of the house. This house is very good as going in to a dark area, and having something loud and bright coming at you, and it is very startling. The end is a pitch black maze, that actors like popping out at you with flashlights, scaring you very well.

– Reviewed by: Dioxide – Rated 10 out of 10 – Overall this haunt is awesome I’d say my favorite I have been to because it is just so unique and the real scary stuff that I think haunts should be. What I mean by this is it seems like everybody is going with gore instead of real scary dark uncomfortable feeling that make people quiver. From the outside entertainment to the house itself the location beginning to end I was nothing but impressed. I would recommend this haunt to anyone that would ever be interested in going to a haunt. Awesome job guys can’t wait until next year.